V1 Front

Here is a new sculpture I recently completed (and sold). It was exhibited 2013/04/21 at Galerie Maurer in Zürich during their evening sale titled “Safe and Destroy 4”. The piece shown above has been sold. More will be available soon.

It is made from rotocasted concrete and glass fish eyes.

For quite some time I have been looking for a new material to produce sculptures with. I have thought about wood and paper but lastly I decided to use rotocasted concrete. Rotocasting concrete sounds simple but is actually the opposite. Generally concrete is not designed to cure while moving (hence the big trucks with rotating containers) and thus it is very difficult to find the correct mixture of ingredients that allows concrete to be used as a rotocasting material.

Fortunately this is research that I did not have to do on my own. I share my studio with a very talented couple of furniture designers (you can see their work here: www.aust-amelung.com) and one of their products already uses this technique. Using a special kind of concrete they can faithfully reproduce the fine grained texture of paper! It took them more than a year of experimentation and research to be able to do this.

We have long thought about a collaborative project of sorts and this is the first result. I can piggyback on their technology and knowledge and the result is a weird monkey with PTSD.

Above and below some pictures of the production process and the finished piece. As you can see, as second sculpture is planned…

V1 Side

Casting Round IV

Plastic Wax Surgery Phase IV

Copy Process Phase V