I have such a hard time thinking about a meaningful title that I’m going to leave it with “untitled” which is probably the most uninspiring thing I could have possible come up with. That wasn’t the only problem today. Again I had to swallow the consequences for not having laid out the last two pages of my current project well enough. It really came back to haunt me. Before I could get stuck with one page, I tried to tackle the next one which really helped. I had a lot more success there and thus only have to do the other one tomorrow. Except for slacking most of the day, I listened some more to the “Gnomon Workshop on visual storytelling and concept design” by Iain McCaig. He has a really soothing voice and is just right to listen to whilst working. Not as mesmerizing as Bob Ross but he shares some of the same phrases (e.g. “happy little accidents”).

Not much to look at today either. Some really quick sketches for the little Chernobyl project. Just trying if the placement of values that I was thinking about seems to work.


Other than that I’ve got some links for yer bumpin enjoyment. Laff. Professor Lobeck Rät – one of our rather strange professors here in Kassel talks about life, shit and everything else. If you understand German, then take a look at it. After that take a look at Pedro Perez versus Spike Jones battling each other with Mambo Jumbo Sound Orchestration (via Positive Ape Index). And if you still want to enjoy the workings of your laughing muscles hit “English Lesson” to see some unlucky guys in Asia trying to learn English. Getting beaten with a stick not fun, hearing “ten ten ten…” – definitely hilarious.