I’ve been working on the cover of a book the last few days and yesterday it was almost finished. Except for the text I had everything painted and colored. I hit the magic “save now” command keys for one last time but then it happened. Painter stopped responding, showing me the dreaded “spinning beach ball of death”. I had to force quit the application facing the loss of several hours of work… Fortunately I have an automatized back-up routine running every morning at 5am and so I didn’t loose the complete file which would have been disastrous.

Why am I telling you this? Well, as I see it there are almost no so called “happy accidents” anymore in digital art. Everything is planned and everything has to be planned. There is not much entropy anymore and digital paint does not yet splatter about like it does in MeatSpaceâ„¢. I did not think about this yesterday and also did not expect the “happy accident” that I was about to see when I reopened the file to continue my work in painter! Look at it. Isn’t it a beautiful picture? Something which I could have hardly achieved if my tools (the application and the powerbook) wouldn’t have stopped responding for a while… I love it.

The first image is the file as it looks if it where to fit on my screen…
Happy Accident Overview

The second image shows an enlargement at 100% actual pixel size…
Happy Accident Enlarged

The last image is a detail shot at about 500% enlargement.
Happy Accident Detail