Today, well… yesterday… I ate at the local Pizzaria again. I had hoped that I wouldn’t take all too long as they’re usually pretty fast. But, as you might have guessed already, it was quite a busy day over there and thus dinner took longer than expected. In the end it must’ve probably been something like two hours (with my food arriving after one hour!). I was wise enough to take my sketchbook with me and did a few doodles. I admit for one hour of doodles this is not much but being the control freak that I am it took me that long. Here is Kurt again, flexing his muscles and I don’t know what but beware, NSFW!


The following sketches (except for the little termite-vexed soldier by Alex) were done early on sunday morning as a kind of warm-up exercise. I made the mistake of using too much color and too much water on the first one. The second one turned out better…


And, as you might have already seen, I have installed Lightbox2 as a spiffy new way to display my images. It still needs a bit of tinkering (e.g. changing the graphics) but hopefully will add a bit to the functionality and beauty to this site.

*ywna* err… *yawn* Can’t even type correctly anymore. Need sleep. Damn it, already 05:21 again.

[edit] Btw, did you really think I went to bed and tried to sleep? Well, I did and had to realize that I couldn’t. So, whilst surfing a bit more, here is a link that I found on Neatorama. The Super Mario Brothers Theme played on an 11 stringed bass. [/edit]