Oh well, not much today either. I had some wee bits espresso left after emptying the cup and just took a brush and used it to create some blotches in my sketchbook. Later I blocked in some graphite to see if I could make some more sense of the shapes but really, I’m not all too satisfied. Judge fer yerselves.

Coffee Eins
Coffee Zwei

Oh yeah, some more tinkering. I finally made the images as wide as the text which is a lot more pleasant to look at. Ok, not all, just the new ones. I will do that later but I’m not quite fond of doing it. It’s a bit of wasted time just to make the archives look good. And then again…

No, scratch that. I don’t like it. Hehehe.

Apropos looks, I’ve been informed that this site seems to look kinda messy in IE (not knowing which version) on Windoze. According to my statics about a third of the people who browse my blog are using IE. Since I don’t have the possibility of crosschecking it would be nice if some CSS-savy person could help me with a fix. It would be nice if everything worked but if it doesn’t, don’t expect me to fix it. It is way down on my priority list apart from IE not being worth it.