There are so many aspects that go into making a finished product it is not always easy to say which aspect was difficult to make or which was easy to achieve. Compared to Symmetrain the current game is a lot more complex and ambitious on almost all levels. Even finding a proper name has been a lot more challenging. Has been. Yes, it was Perlinoid but we were never really happy with it. I liked the sound of the word as it conjured up images of a weird forest similar to the one in the Neverending Story. Then I started pitching the project, showing it off at conventions and I had to realize that the name was very difficult to remember. Finally, we have decided on a new name. My partner David, who is programmer and level-designer on this project, came up with it: She Remembered Caterpillars. It is based on the story, which I will not recount here yet, but the great thing is that by looking at any of our screenshots you can tell that there are indeed caterpillars.

So without any further ado, here is a promotional illustration I made for our upcoming exhibition at PAX East. You can bet that we are super excited about this because it is our first ever US showing of the game. Look for Ysbryd Games Booth 8224. You will find us there.

(And if you cannot make it to PAX, maybe you can travel to London this weekend and visit EGX Rezzed. David is there and showing off our demo)