Metamorphin Clear Eyezon - メタモアイーゾン - LED detail

A while ago I was commissioned to customize a clear Max Toy Compan Clear Eyezon. It took me a bit longer than I initially expected but I finally finished the project today.

Apart from being in one piece, this is how the toy looked when I got it.

Degutted Clear Eyezon

I then stripped away the lilac and gold paint revealing the some paint had actually stained the vinyl.

Partially cleared Eyezon

Instead of going the usual route of painting I jumped at the chance and colored the vinyl with Fuchsia RIT Dye. The dye is normally used for fabric but a few clever people figured out that even vinyl and other plastic is easy to color with this product.

clear vinyl pink dyed eyezon

After this I coated the whole toy with several layers of heavy duty high gloss coat both from the inside and outside to make it really clear. Additionally I also added some sparkling rainbow glitter to the inside. Another first was the inclusion of clear water slide decals on the eyes depicting the Metamorphin logo.

Eyezons' eyes see Metamorphin

All that remained was to fill up the whole toy with tons of Metamorphin capsules in different shades of blue. The darkest ones are in the legs and gradually get lighter in the main body… Overall I made about 250 or more capsules. A bigger run than the initial release of the sugar capsule toys. Also, the brain, the only remainder of the guts has now a build-in motion activated LED that blinks frantically when shaken.

The background story:
Metamorphin Capsules have always been a popular present in the Netzwerk societies so the company decided to release a special collectors edition honoring it’s best customers. About 250 of the most valuable short term body enhancing capsules are encased in a glittery clear humanoid character which shifts its colors according to various factors such as weather, time of the day or even the mood of its owner. Advice on the best capsule for the moment can be requested on a similar set of data and at night a light inside the semi-intelligent brain of the creature lights up making it even suitable for that long club weekend ahead!

Metamorphin Clear Eyezon - メタモアイーゾン

Metamorphin Clear Eyezon - メタモアイーゾン - detail

A few more pictures can be found in my flickr stream.