Nightgamer heads with more holes

So, another update in my ongoing series of Nightgamer customization.

1. As you can see above I decided that two eyes are not enough and I drilled two extra holes into the mouth area.

2. Below is a shot with the eye sockets sculpted, the glass marbles in place and the tongue coming out of the mouth hole.

Nightgamer heads with more eye sockets

3. I mentioned this already earlier on that I gutted eight teddy bears and turned them into suits for the Nightgamers. The suits have blood red zippers. Each suit is different. Here is a close-up.

Teddy bear suit with zipper

4. And to give you an impression of where all of this is heading here is a shot of one of the Nightgamers testing a teddy bear suit. This particular one has pants and a skirt that I carefully ignored. The zipper features intentionally bad sewing. Makes it more scary.

Nightgamer in customized teddy bear suit