jouwe apart and some other bits

I already posted a few of these pictures of my custom Jouwe on twitter so they might not be new to everyone. Still, I thought it might be nice to show the progress off here as well. I haven’t post much in the last few weeks now, have I? I am not really 100% sure where this is heading but I am sure that some will not like it, hahaha!

1. (pictured above) I cut away the belly and closed the eyes with tons of Aves Apoxie.

2. I turned the belly into a cavity. It will probably end up as a big mouth. More Apoxie to round everything off.

3. I decided the whole thing was missing something and that a Bambaboss face, Qee hand and Munny katana might be the deal… aquarium tubing for bonus sci-fi effect.

4. Checking the design. Looks like there still needs to be done a lot more.

5. Updates will probably include reproductive organs and hentai gashapon girls. So stay alert and stay tuned.