A few weeks ago (it might have been a few months, for all I know) Greg Eastmer approached a few artists asking if they were interested in donating works for a good cause. During a visit to Toronto he got confronted with the contrast of expensive high rising buildings and shockingly poor homeless people, thus the idea for “GimmeShelter” was born. To cut a long story short after a few months of steady development we’ve got a website running, 100+ artists and so far no money was spent other than what has been donated.

The deadline for submitting artwork is near and so Alex, Michel and me sat down on our rear ends and finally got around creating some seriously cool stuff for the show. Here is what I came up with:

Still No Happy End

The Inane Blockbrothas


After She Left

So, If you think that you need to buy one of those to support the good cause of “GimmeShelter”. You will have the chance as all the artwork of the show will be auctioned. All money will go to a charitable organizations in the cities where the artwork is exhibited.

Also, we still need galleries all over the world and most importantly a shipping sponsor. If you happen to have a connection or know someone that knows someone… Don’t hesitate to ask and also don’t hesitate to link to gimmeshelter.co.uk