Here is another little story I recently finished for a little group effort we’re putting together for the upcoming Comic Salon in Erlangen, Germany. The story will be available in a little booklet in the size of 15 cm by 15 cm (6″ x 6″). I will be at the Comic Salon as well for the first three days and if you’d like your copy signed just hit me up. Of course you can order it directly here as well as soon as it is available.

I hope the story is understandable even for non-German readers but just in case, here is a translation for the second page. Panel 1: “Your roast is delicious, Marie.” Panel 2: “Thanks marc, your wine is delicious as well.” Panel 3: “And Nina, what did you bring along?” Panel 6: “Me.”

Le Phosphor Piquenique - page 1

Le Phosphor Piquenique - page 2

Le Phosphor Piquenique - page 3

Le Phosphor Piquenique - page 4