I’m close to finishing my first comic story called “housemusik”. Currently I am working on the coloring of the four pages. It gives me a hard time since I don’t feel very ‘secure’ using colors. Still, I think I have found a very logical solution, giving every ‘floor’ it’s very own color palette.

It is a crazy and strange experiment in story-telling. It is about a middle-age man trying to play his violin. At first he fails to do this, especially since he is being distracted by his more than noisy neighbours. He tries to stop them, but is not successful either. Eventually he will understand that the whole life in his house is based on rhythm and he only has to join in to play his violin…

All this is being told at the same time. Essentially I’m breaking away from the standard way of reading pages – from left to right and from top to bottom. In order to fully grasp the action of the story you have to read every ‘floor’ at the same time. There is a lot of interaction going which is part of the fun in this story. Of course I will post the final and finished version as soon as I’m done. Here is a little sneak peek.