Yeah well, that’s one of those typical titles when you don’t know what to write. I’ve been meaning to post a few things but somehow good ol’ RealLifeâ„¢ got up it’s habit pf getting in the way. I had to move out of my apartment into a new one. That alone was like a bug in windoze. You know it’s there and it will consume some of your precious time but once you meet it… It’s worse than you thought. Ok, I won’t indulge myself anymore with silly analogies.

Following are a few pictures that you might enjoy seeing. First a custom Hot Wheelsâ„¢ car with a bit of customization. Then I made a few preliminary doodles for the custom toy car I’ve been working on the last few days. It’s actually done by now but you’ll have to wait a bit until mid September. So longa then you’re gonna have to live with my teasing.

Hot Wheels Custom
Hot Wheels Custom

Last but not least a few interesting links. Two are funny, one is rather insightful.

First: Indexed – a funny blog that puts things in perspective and relation.
Second: Have you ever felt disgust whilst looking at those dirty birds lurking everywhere. Well, here is a suggestion.
Third: It seems, there is not much out there on the theories of image composition or at least its hard to come by. Anyways, here is a short and comprehensive article featured at CG-Society written by Philip Straub