This little fella is one of the things I’ve been working on lately. The background story is lame to say the least but I felt like giving him a bit more personality other than looks. All line work done by hand, as always.

Frank is not from here. He’s actually from outer space from a planet that can’t be spelled or pronounced in our language. Well one could image it as the combination of the letters XCZT, the sound an empty stomach makes plus that of a finger dragged across the surface of a movie poster. Frank (yeah, that’s just a pseudonym so we can identify him) is an environmentalist and was on his way to a conference but stopped by for a little visit on earth because he wanted to see some of its flora and fauna before it vanishes. While being here he thought it would be nice to get some cool tats as well.

idleware like vinyl toys

Frank side

Frank back

Frank HMNI badge

And last but not least some sketches that happened sometime in between.

really big monster