Here are a few more progress shots from the weekend.

1. The incision on the head: I usually don’t plan that much when making a unique custom but here it is different. I try to plan ahead and mark the places where incisions need to made so that the whole run is as similar as possible.

Planning the incision

2. The opened heads with a vertical brainy-toothy grin: I must admit, I enjoy making these small custom runs. It gives the whole process a different sense of legitimacy.

New faces in the making

3. Previz: Temporarily holding everything together gives me sense of where the custom is heading. For me this is much more helpful than trying to imagine everything.

A new face for the Nightgamer?

4. Same story here: I thought I’d pick up some of Bob’s original Nightgamer story and here is a first test. It looks weird but that’s nothing bad, right?

Nightgamer testing the suit

More updates soon. Stay tuned.