I admit, I’m a lazy bum. Just reposting the images and text that lots of you will probably have read already elsewhere. Anyways, just wanted to add that.

So, I guess I’m honored and proud to present a custom vintage car designed for the recent “Secret T-Shirt Party II – Nostalgic Notions” by owlmovement.com.

Here is: “The Motion of the Owl vs. Not Working” enamel paint on vintage toy car.

My original idea was to produce a reminder for the horrible disaster of Chernobyl back in 1986 because the car somehow brought back memories of how I was forbidden to play in the sand with all my toys due to the nuclear fallout rain. Unfortunately the idea (or muse?) turned its back on me and I had to go a different route.

Still a bit of the original inspiration remains in the text depicted on the sides as well as the “Russian” coat of arms on the front. The text on the right reads “owlmovement” while the text on the left reads “idle”. Ok, possibly not quite because I used one of the simple internet translation.

Front Top
Front Left
Left Side
Right Side