So, after a short and crammed semester the thoughts begin to roll again. Not that I’m bored, I have quite a bit to do and a lot more ahead of me. And still, I came to the conclusion that my basis for drawing is still pretty weak. Ok, I’ve got some good ideas every once in a while but there are a lot of basics that I’m not capable of achieving.

Today was one of those time wasting dreaded work days again that kept me from more important things. Anyways, I try to combine the annoying with the useful and I try to use spare seconds and minutes in between calls to work on things in my sketchbooks. Keeping the above mentioned thoughts in mind I forced myself to do some RealLifeâ„¢ drawings.

Obviously there are way too many flaws but I’m not unhappy either. I made these four panels with just a 0.05 and a 0.03 copic line marker, so there was no way for me to erase or cover up my mistakes easily. Well, enough of the talking…

At Work

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