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I had some fun during work. As always I became pretty tired at first (the air is always pretty warm and lacking oxygen) but then, after adjusting, some small ideas visited me. Kurt was the late again but the good thing is he does have some impressing moves in stock that never cease to excite me. Now, whilst typing it occurs to me that I actually had planned to do some frame or other thing to use as decoration for this blog. Oh well,…


Now, some interesting links. One is a very good animator that I came across whilst reading the “House Of Cool” blog. The one I’m talking about is Pascal Campion. While his client work did not impress me, his sketchy “boss animations” really did. Even without sound they scream out loud how much he (Pascal) loves animation. Works like this make me want to shift my focus more towards animation. Inspiring.

Secondly, I’d like to recommend paying Dave Chung a visit. I’ve been a fan of his work ever since, but his newest works are quite a progression. I like how much he’s sharpening the message (and/or story) of his pictures to a point where I first think: “Eww, gross. But wait… that’s quite funky. Hahaha”. Twisted.