I’m soaked. Like always I had to drive through 3.5 kilometers by bike to get back from work but usually it doesn’t rain. Oh well, it’s not really that bad because the temperature is still very mild. Again, during work, even though it was a busy day today, I found enough time to work on the character design of “Jorinde and Joringel”. This time it’s the witch and her male counterpart (in the original story that would be the flower). I guess the next thing to tackle will be a rough storyboard.

Jorinde and Joringel

Today’s link features the “Condi Bunee” from Toy2r by Dalek. Obviously a suicide bomber. Now, it’s an interesting idea to bring some political statements into the vinyl toy scene and the chosen topic will surely raise some eyebrows. I think it is much needed since a lot of the current vinyl which strifes to be something like art still doesn’t do more than look good for the sake of looking good. Still, I’m not sure if the design of said Qee is accomplishing it’s goal.