A few months ago we, my fellow students and me, met every tuesday for doodling, sketching and creating silly sequential stories. Sadly somehow we stopped doing so and it has taken us quite an effort to meet again. Today we finally got around, though only Aisha, Nadine and me to create those aforementioned scribbles. Actually we didn’t really do much except drinking beer and talk about the days back when we were still in school. Here is a bit of edited idle drunk numbness.


On a different side note, you might have noticed my tinkering with the CSS of the blog. There is more to come, this is not the end. I promise. I can’t say how long it takes me to keep this but,… oh well, you’ll see.

And to add to the senseless strangeness of this world, I’ve been wondering, once more, what kind of society it is in Japan, that has so much fun in public humiliation (even if relatively harmless). Link via Neatorama.

Oh, and if you’ve still got the impression that I’m drunk because the strange grammar is all weird in this post, then you’re darn right.