As some of you may know or have found out via the “Links”, one of my spare time activities consists of mixing dirty techno tunes. With two other friends we are the DJ-team “Frau Mit Muskeln” which translates to “Woman With Muscles”. Since I haven’t felt very compelled to draw much since my arrival in Japan I have made a few new mixes which you can listen to at our myspace page or you can download the tracks in high quality (320 kbps) directly off my server. Of course all these are accompanied by incredibly and intentionally oversaturated cover artwork. I’ll list them here for your fun.

Short Circuit Circus by idle.
DOWNLOAD “Short Circuit Circus” – 320 kbps VBR – 13:50 minutes – 31,7 MB

Mine Is Shorter Than Yours by idle.
DOWNLOAD “Mine Is Shorter Than Yours (Japanese Lunchbreak)” – 320 kbps VBR – 17:11 minutes – 41 MB

Whatever Furby Says by idle. DOWNLOAD “Whatever Furby Says” – 320 kbps VBR – 15:44 minutes – 36 MB