Some more concept designs for the previously mentioned cellphone game. After a bit of thinking and doodling I have finally come up with a “suitable” story outline for the whole game.

Since this is a network game where multiple cellphones join to create one I needed to come up with something that would pick up on that particular aspect. The basic idea of the programming is something along the line of these games you play on kids birthday parties where all gather around a circle of chairs whereas the number of kids outnumber the chairs by one (here in Germany this game is called “Journey to Jerusalem” or sometimes a bit more simple “Chair Dance”) . Then everybody starts moving around the chairs and as soon as the music is stopped the goal is to catch a chair for sitting. Of course one of the kids won’t get one and is thus out of the game. After that the number of chairs is reduced by one again. Here in Germany this game is called “Journey to Jerusalem” or sometimes a bit more simple “Chair Dance”.

The cellphone variant works similarly. After every participant has joined the game the number of players will be reduced after every round until only one remains. My idea for the *cough* storyline *cough* is a bunch of cute alien-cyborg-pirates binge-drinking until the last man or woman remains conscious. The fun part would be to play this in reality at your local pub with the outcome probably being negative reciprocal (meaning that the longer you remain in the game the more you run the risk of actually disappearing under the table at first).

Following are a few sketches, animatic and other experiments to get a feeling for the looks and everything. In the end there will be two male and two female characters to choose as avatars.

daniel goffin likes pirates
pirate cellphone game
idleware pirate bitches

Finally, some strange and mesmerizing vids I found on teh nets, both are somewhat related to water. First is a tablet of Alka Seltzer put into a sphere of liquid water at zero gravity. Second is a traffic camera of Europe’s longest tunnel (3.1 km) which is in Russia. The tunnel crosses a river and since it is not completely water proof the water coming from the river can cause the tunnel to become a bit of a traffic hazard…