God of Trash

When I went to work in India for my first time a few months ago I planned on hunting down some original Indian toys for my collection and/or customizing. It may have been due to the city that I went to (Bagalore) or my lack of hunting skills but it turned out to me more difficult that I thought it would be. Chinese bootlegs of western pop culture were everywhere sadly though there seemed to be a distinct lack of toys based on Indian culture.

God of Trash

Finally, after a few weeks of searching I came across some very cheap Indian toy cars made from vinyl. The production quality was so low the flashing was visible everywhere without any cleaning of the seamlines after casting. One of the toys that I bought even had a hair of an Indian factory worker sealed inside the bag! What were these? Small reproductions of the omni-present auto-rickshaws. Perfect for a little custom mash-up run.

Initially I had planned to turn these into some kind of transformer-like toy but it soon turned out to be a very difficult thing to do. Mostly because I had grown fond of the bad production quality and I did not want to try to make it look better than it actually was. Let alone cut the vinyl pieces apart to make the transformer work.

God of Trash

In the end I decided to give the toy four arms as a little nod to the Hindu religion while at the same time transporting a feeling of the ever present trash flying around in Indian cities. The God of Trash is a conglomeration of all the cast away useless junk come to life to haunt those that believe that there is always someone that will take care of things left in the gutter.

All in all it is silly mash-up of an Indian vinyl toy auto-rickshaw and resin parts. A little stab a low quality productions juxtaposed with intentional free-form texture sculpting (I made that up).

First revealed at Toy Karma 3. Get it here: Rotofugi Toy Karma 3 Exhibition

Each colorway is limited to two pieces. Six colorway are planned.