Metamorphin - tiniest blind box series

Here is one of the things I have been working on lately. A set of tiny blindboxed toys. They will be released in a run of 20 at my show in LA at Toy Art Gallery.

Metamorphin - tiniest blind box series

The background story:

After body modification nano-technology had become not only common but also fashionable one company quickly seized the opportunity to offer the ability to buy cheap, timed capsules with the ability to enhance the body and mind in almost every way imaginable.

Metamorphin  and some objects for size comparison

These tiny sculptures are cast in isomalt a sugar substitute frequently found in pharmaceutic and diet products. The capsules are made from gelatine. So basically the whole thing is edible. However, I still wouldn’t recommend it because well, I haven’t tested the effects…

They come in a handmade blister capsule packaging and a handmade box. There will be 10 different sculptures out of which 2 will be less often and one will be a chase. I will take not have a set of only one sculpture but I can not promise that there won’t be doubles. No single purchase will be possible. The whole set will be rounded off with a business card and a poster as pictured below.

Metamorphin top 100 products