Kaiju Painting - "unit ready"

I am currently working on a small edition of my toys that is going to be revealed soon. For this I made a brand new illustration which will be featured on the outside of the toy’s box.

For all of those that follow my flickr photostream this is hardly newsworthy but I actually documented the making of this painting step by step. For everyone else, here is the whole process consolidated into one neat blog post.

Step 1: The underlying sketch in pencil.

Kaiju Painting Step 1

Step 2: A light layer of gesso and some clean-up of the line work.

Kaiju Painting Step 2

Step 3: The colors that will guide the mood.

Kaiju Painting Step 3

Step 4: Black for the skyline

Kaiju Painting Step 4

Step 5: Brown and gold and other messy layers

Kaiju Painting Step 5

Step 6: Adding a little definition and colors

Kaiju Painting Step 6

Step 7: Giving the monster more identity

Kaiju Painting Step 7 (detail)

Step 8: Refining the monster and tightening their features

Kaiju Painting Step 9 (detail)

Step 9: Same process for the last monster and the tanks. First the general colors and then the details

Kaiju Painting Step 10

Step 10: Finished! Sign and date.

Kaiju Painting - "unit ready"