I am currently on a business trip in India for two months. You may not see many updates during this time but rest assured that this temporary silence will only bear good fruits. 


A short primer on how to eat food in India. 

1. Clean
Clean the plate by rubbing paper tissue over the surface to make sure it is actually clean.

2. Order
You ordered food and here it is. Dig in. Here: 1 roti (flat bread), 1 aloo palak (spinach curry with potatoes) and a lime juice.

3. Eat
Eat using your right hand. No extra tools necessary. Don’t use your left. Why? It is reserved for wiping your butthole. Exception, it seems it is ok to use the left for drinking or using the spoon to put more gravy on your plate. You wash your hands afterall, right?

4. Clean, again
When you’re done the waiter will bring a bowl of warm water with a piece of lime. No, this is not a drink. You squish the lime and the acid in the juice and the warm water will help to remove all the oily stuff from your hand. Afterwards you can use a paper tissue to dry your hand.
Clean, again

5. Pay
Pay your bills and add a tip for the service and good food.

6. Nibble
And, something little and sweet to nibble on. Here it is all aniseed but there may also be some salty seeds sometimes.