Custom Jouwe • コックメカモンスター

And finally the whole thing is done. A cock-mecha-monster with wires and everything else a cyborg may wish for.

The Jouwe is painted with automotive paint, glossy and matte, and a little Monster Kolor color change flakes for the pink parts as an added special effect. The custom is actually a mashup of 5 toys (Munny, Qee, Doma Bomb Eater and the little dear of which I forgot the artist. I also used lego and aquarium tubes, doll eyes and some found objects for the parts on the back. Oh, and tons of Aves Apoxie Sculpt.

Here are two more pictures.

Custom Jouwe • コックメカモンスター

Custom Jouwe • コックメカモンスター • detail

If you’d like to see more pictures check my set on flickr: Link.