A little while ago I got an email that had me excited. None other than Jason Washburn had contacted me with the prospect of contributing a set of illustration to their famed book series “Color Ink Book”. These quarterly publications are an interesting marriage of two concepts in the world of illustration: The DIY mentality of the children coloring book and the appreciation of the wide range of artistic styles in illustration art. Combining the two results in black and white periodicals celebrating famed and new artists while the print on high quality vellum paper invites people to interact with the art on a more personal level.


As Halloween approaches the 13th edition is not only timed well but it also features only horror illustrations. There is plenty of blood, gore and zombies, of course. I contemplated something different though. Recently I have been infatuated by old medical illustrations and journals – books such as Ernst Haeckel’s “Kunstformen der Natur” or “Human Monstrosities” by Hirst and Barton Cooke. These inspirations fell on fertile ground as I was rethinking my earlier ideas of the “Netzwerk” universe.

In my mind all these freaks of nature are a result of fungal infections combined with a kind of digital corruption that affects all living and synthetical matter. This fungus feeds on available information in its surroundings and recombines it with the existing material…


Make sure to get yourself a copy of this awesome book: Color Ink Book Store”