I’ve been away for the weekend. Out of Kassel. I thought it would be a nice time seeing something different but apart from seeing my beloved mother and brother it has been rather frustrating and tiring. Getting insulted by old farts and seeing my decaying grandfather is not really what I call relaxing. Unfortunately most relatives of my family are not a pleasure to be around.

Well, I won’t bother you with any further details. Today has been a lot more successful. I’ve been investing a lot of time in my comic again and it’s getting better the more I work on it. I’ve lost some time though since I made a few mistakes in the beginning and thus had to retrace the whole line-art in Illustrator again. While the powerbook was doing it’s part I used to the remaining time to do some more sketches on an idea that I had a few days ago. Here are the results. Xi Yen Fu (working title – I’m not sure I like it, yet) is some sort of battle monk from the deep heart of the Asian continent. He moves fast and efficient but doesn’t like talking. That’s why he only says one random aesthetically pleasing character (he speaking slang though – note the dot). I’m not sure if Xi Yen Fu is going to be used for anything but I find the idea of turning him into a plush toy quite good…

Xi Yen Fu