Work, work, work. I feel like having worked too much this weekend. A by work I don’t mean drawing and being creative. Work is my slightly stupendous job in a local callcenter. Working as in order entry is not really enhancing your mental capabilities. Greet customer, take order number, summarize order and goodbye in less than 90 seconds (my average talk time) is not what I call “challenging”…
Nevertheless is have to give credit to my employer, not for paying me for what I do, but rather for letting me draw and sketch like mad during that time. It’s astonishing how much of my drawing skills are not dependant on active thinking processes. I can sketch and still talk to a customer – call it “advanced phone doodles” if you want, but I can’t do that when trying to develop a story or even write one. So, without any further silly talk, here is what I produced this weekend. Some during work, some whilst sitting on the balcony here at university enjoying the sweet fresh spring-time air and the cheers and shouts of people walking in the park.

robot friendship