I’ve been away for about a week helping out in Luzern, Switzerland at the 15th annual “International Comix Festival Fumetto”. I got to see a load of inspiring artwork and I met quite a few nice people. Luzern is an astonishingly beautiful city, especially when its sunny and all warm. I volunteered there with watching over a few exhibitions. Of course there was still plenty of time left to do some new sketches and drawings. The better of those are listed below for your enjoyment.

The theater in Luzern with adjacent buildings. Took me about 4 hours and a sunburn to finish… I should practise that kind of stuff more often, it was a lot of fun. Fortunately spring and summer are just around the corner.

kitchen of Eva and Peter
The quite crammed kitchen of my hosts. They were as good in cooking as they have equipment, yummy it was indeed.

Paul Reichsteiner and Judith Miller
Lewis Libby and Mike Skinner
Doris Knecht and Nella Martinetti
Silvio Berlusconi and Azem Makustaj

The last pictured person Azem Makustaj was kind enough to pick me up in Luzern and help me hitch-hike to Zürich where I visited my brother. I hope Azem forgives me that the picture of him isn’t all too pleasant. If he doesn’t… I’d rather not meet him again. Eek. Just joking, of course.