A few days ago (monday, 4th to be exact) I was contacted unexpectedly by my old friend Phill Ryu asking me if I was up to the task of creating some artwork for a little and special party. Turns out the event is not that little and the people even more special than I thought. It is common experience that as an artist you get asked to create something for free or low cost with the addition of it being a good for you to gain exposure. A lot of times this is just a simple excuse and very well shows how little people value the hard work that is put into art. Why am I saying this? I do not quite know but maybe because this time it is indeed good exposure. Just check out the Delicious Generation site and have a look at the people that are going to attend and then bite your own butt for not going there. I know I would have if I was anywhere near SF.

So as you look through the inked and colored illustrations you may ask yourself what the common denominator between these pictures and a bunch of indy software developers might be. Well, I was asked to generate the content based on some of the applications that are (were?) going to be demoed live at the party. As time was little I needed a good character and since I didn’t want to waste too much time trying to create something new I took out my collection of sketch books to see if I could find something appropriate. I found something in my most recent book and started to modify that a bit.

So, you may ask yourself why a character that is not shaved properly and looks like he’s been working (or partying) one night too many? In my mind this is a fitting picture for the kind of people that I know work on these applications. It’s not necessarily that they live in disregard to their bodily needs but they show a lot of devotion and dedication to their cause. Sometimes your work is so important to you that you forget to shave or to sleep. It’s just too much fun.

So without further ado…







Color versions

Atmosphere color

Awaken color

Cookbook color

Cha-Ching color

Coda color

Pixelmator color