Ok, here is not much to say today. I’ve been at work and I’ve been further working on the commissioned stuff (and I will for a few more weeks.) In other news I’ve been asked to participate in a show hosted by Owlmovement. The theme is “Nostalgic Notions” and although I’m not sure if I can get something done before the deadline I stumbled over a nice little metal toy car from back in the days whilst browsing through a flea market. Of course I’m going to customize this little red car. It is probably older than that, but somehow it reminds me of the days of Chernobyl when I was forbidden to play with my toys and or in the sand and basically everything that the fall-out rain touched during that time. Nostalgic notions vs. childhood memories… hmmmm.

As in my previous post, I used my time at work to further sharpen my drawing skills. This time, the above mentioned little toy car. It’s a bit thicker looking than it does in reality but since I tried constructing it via negative outside shapes… Now , the next obstacle I need to tackle is the coloring.

toy car

Today I don’t feel like posting some funny link. Instead something different. As much as I admit having fun with pr()n once in a while, there is a dark world behind all these rather well lit and photoshopped pictures. Read this article to get a glimpse. That ain’t no fucking fun (pun intended, of course, duh!).

PS. I’ve joined a little art community called the Little Chimp Society. I’ve been asked by “the Ape” and I’ve taken him up on his kind invitation. Thanks again.