I was going to post new stuff from my sketchbook but since the university and the scanners are not accessible at the moment I have to lay this off for a few more days. So in order to keep you all entertained here is an all digitally (photoshop) created drawing I made as participation for a forum activity challenge. Conceptart.org’s “character of the week” to be precise.

The objectives for this one were: “Cedartuft is the female lead in sword and sorcery Middle Grade Reader (ages 8-12) story of high adventure. Cedarturft also happens to be a squirrel, a mage, and on a quest to save squirrel kind in her world. She carries a small cedar staff (a stick to us), a gray green cloak, and has various pouches, satchels and tidbits associated with her craft. Think of this as if it were for a book cover; so leave extra room at the top for a title, and show some action!”

I tried a few different approaches but in the end I was the most satisfied with this old school mangaesque newsprint type of illustration.

cedartuft 1 by Daniel Goffin