Fall is here and winter is close at hand. People complain about the lack of sunlight and everyone feels a bit tired. The stupid university heating department makes sure my room is always cold enough for a slight shiver. I haven’t accomplished much lately and am slowly dragging along.

Oh well, here is a picture I’m going to contribute to a show in Hamburg. Originally I had planned to make a fancy drawing flexing my all to seldom used painting muscles. Seems I got around that once more. One of the participation guide lines for the aforementioned show is the use of an old wooden frame. Last saturday I went to a local flea market with my friend Nina Kaun to acquire one of these antique objects. I found one with a picture of a school class from 1930. As it sat there beside me waiting to be replaced by my drawing, it dawned on me that it might make a good subject all by itself. Thinking about how innocent many of these faces were looking and still might have been willing participants in the last world war, I came to envision them as robots. I wonder if maybe someday in 75 years from now someone finds a picture of me in school and does the same thing…


Then some doodles. One with reference the rest without (obviously).


No links today. :(