As advertised earlier (here), I am participating in a group show in San Francisco called “Heavy Hitterz”. Well, I just send the two paintings off over the ocean and if you’re in the bay area why not check out some of it.

For those two paintings I wanted to show some of the things that inspire me a lot here in Japan. Strangely compelling skylines created by ugly buildings that hardly leave the space for plants or breathing, larger than life monsters that destroy cities within the blink of an eye and of course all of that featured in the ever present mangas. Still, I couldn’t let go of my favorite way of inking and those cuddly cute faces inspired by early 20th century cartooning art. Realizing the differences between all those various elements I tried to bring these down into a working contrast. The result is a mixed media diptychon with screentone, acrylic colors and ink.

aidaru by idle.

aidaru 1 by idle.

aidaru 2 by idle.