I don’t feel like writing much of the usual gibberish today, so I will only post what I’ve been working on like mad over the weekend. Another commissioned ad for the previously mentioned “Triebwerk Nr. 2”. I started sketching at 2 am and was done with inking around 10 am. Coloring it took another day. The ad is for one of the main sponsors Prolog, and thus needed something extra cool. Dunno if that worked out… You be the judge.

Prolog Sprachschule

Oh, I also thought I’d not feel like posting another wee link, but you know what? I already saved one before I even knew what I was going to write next. So, if you feel like it, visit We Feel Fine which most of you probably know already since its such a beautiful thing that makes you feel all wobbly and bloggily inside. (Guess why I used the word “feel” ever so often in this post?)