As if there were not already enough things to do I have also purchased a Nintendo DS. A major time sinkhole. Next to all the available games there is also an whole slew of “homebrew” applications crying for your attention. Actually one of these was the sole reason why I got the thing in the first place. “Colors!” is the name and it’s basically a very stripped down version of painter and it has everything one could ask for. Since the touchscreen of the DS has built-in pressure sensitivity one is able to paint with brushes of varying size and opacity. Very good for pinning down an idea quickly without having to search for the colored pencils and also quite handy for digital on-the-spot miniature plein-air painting (like taking a snapshot with your point-and-click camera).

Enough talking, here is my first try-out sketch.
Nintendo DS sketch by daniel goffin

Then, the day before yesterday, I realized I had this comic strip in my drawer and all I needed to do to finish it was the lettering…
tourism in Japan

And last but not least some random stuff from my sketchbook…
sketch by daniel goffin

sketch by daniel goffin